Welcome to the Gigabit Fixed Wireless Era:

Welcome to the Gigabit Fixed Wireless Era:
“Exciting News: Unitech Global Resources forges a DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT with Mimosa Networks, Inc. 🤝✨ #BusinessPartnerships #Innovation #Networking #wisp #wirelessbroadband #wirelessnetwork

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Can the C5x base radio at 8 dBi be used without an antenna?

Yes. You can use the base C5x 8 dBi radio without an antenna for short distance links. Please remove the locking screw from the twist-on screws to serve as a drain hole.

Do I have to install a feature key when initially unlocking the C5x?

No. As of March 1, 2019, feature keys are no longer necessary or available. Out of the box, the C5x can be used to its full potential — speeds of up to 700 Mbps in PTMP or PTP mode.

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Outdoor Gunshot Detection System

We have signed a partnership agreement to implement a trial of an outdoor gunshot detection system.
We are working with our partner to expand expectations by providing cutting-edge technology, industry-leading system response, and a suite of products that offer the most comprehensive Active Shooter Emergency Response system available, this will ensure a safer environment and reduce gun proliferation. #POCALERT #UNGLOBAL #technology #environment